Sunday, July 31, 2011

Yay, summer is almost over in the U.S!

Okay it isn't, but I'm trying to cheer myself up by focusing on the return of Chicago's cold weather when:

1. People will stop arguing loudly outside in the middle of the night.

2. No one is in danger of dying of heat-related problems.

3. Our upstairs neighbor's air conditioner stops dripping noisily on my bedroom window.

4. Our electric bill goes down.

5. Restaurant staff stop giving me the option of outdoor seating. I do not like outdoor seating.

6. Professional attire is more comfortable (suits, blazers, knit slacks, etc). I like professional attire.

7. The entire outdoors becomes "air conditioned." Ahhhh...

8. The nights get long and there's less of that pesky sunlight.

9. I can bundle up in the heavy clothing I'm happier in.

10. Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas come back!

If I liked warm weather, I would have stayed in California where I was born. So there.


Sandii said...

I'm with you 100% i LOVE cold weather!

now, as for your 10lbs, stopping carbs will def shift it so don't stress too much xxx

Mick said...

Electric bill goes down in winter, you got me with that one. Both electric and gas go up for me due to heating.
Suppose it must be your air-con, don't need it here as our summer is so short (could do with it at the ment though).

Regina said...

At this time of year, I hear many Chicagoans saying that they prefer cold weather to hot weather. But where the hell are they the rest of the year? In the winter all the Chicagoans say they can't wait for summer. Crazy.

(When I ask people why they live here if they don't like the weather, they usually say it's because of their family. So it's their own fault for not straightening out their priorities so that they can live where they like the weather.)