Wednesday, September 21, 2011


My reasons to get a dog:
  1. Owning a pet has been shown to improve humans' health (physical and mental). My husband and I can definitely use that.
  2. Bob loves dogs, was raised with them and has been wanting a dog for a long time.
  3. I am finally mature enough, at the age of 45, to take care of a being who is dependent on me for food, safety and well-being.
  4. I'm not as afraid of being needed as I used to be.
  5. I've been studying the art of training and sharing one's life with a dog and I'm feeling confident about it.
  6. Owning a dog will make me a nicer person (more patient, more relaxed, less afraid)...eventually.
  7. Bob says they're fun to play with.
  8. For god's sake, we're a couple that doesn't want children. Isn't it required by society that we have at least one dog?
We're going to adopt a full-grown dog from a shelter. I imagine I'll become one of those people who forwards emails with photos of animals, spends hours watching pet videos and asks everyone, "Do you have a dog?" But I'll try not to become a doggy blogger, I promise.


Mick said...

Never really had time for pets but did have a Budgie once but thats back in my schoolboy days.
Saying that I still like animals.

Regina said...

A budgie is a bird, no? How long did it live? I'm glad you like animals.

Mick said...

Yes a Budgie is a bird "budgerigar" which is sort of a miniature parrot. Some can be taught to speak but not mine he just squawked.
Not sure how old he was but had him for most of my childhood and think he got to a good age for a budgie.

On another note Jane (my gf that passed away 2 years ago) always had a dog and always got them from a shelter. Her parents still have her last one.

Paula (present gf) has a Cat that as really taken to me, must be good judge of charactor, lol.

aworkinprogress said...

If you are looking for a shelter, I love the Anti-Cruelty Society downtown. I got 3 of my pets there, and volunteered at their spay/neuter clinic for a time. Top-notch organization, and there are always adult dogs available (sad fact, but reliquishments are up with the recession).

Also, since I work in the field, I'd be happy to recommend some area vets :-)

Regina said...

aworkinprogress - I'll gladly take your local vet references. We have been to Anti-Cruelty and PAWS in Chicago. We're going to try Orphans of the Storm this weekend (I can't think of that name without getting the similarly named Doors tune in my head!).

Mick - it's a good thing you're not allergic to cats. I am.

Rudy Giuliani said...

Dogs are awesome. You won't regret your decision. Adult dogs can be hard(er) to train but be patient. You will have ups and downs for a few weeks but once you have a dog, you're likely to have one the rest of your life. That's a good thing.

Regina said...

Thank you, Rudy Guiliani. What an encouraging message. I like encouraging messages.