Wednesday, October 26, 2011


This is my latest fixation: Arbonne cosmetics. My skin is so sensitive that it reacts adversely to direct sunlight (another reason I dislike summer), but so far these products are working for me. They absorb nicely and don't cause any redness or itching, as so many lotions and chemical-based products do.

No, I'm not getting anything for promotion. I just wanted an upbeat and cheerful post and this week Arbonne is lifting my spirits. A friend invited me to an Arbonne party on Oct. 16th and I was the perfect guest: I'm a 45-year-old woman who owns almost zero skin products because of my hyper-sensitive skin, but who has been wondering what I can do to age gracefully. By the time the demonstration was over I was placing an order for their Skin Conditioning Oil, some face moisturizers and a couple of cosmetic items. My skin is drier than my sense of humor, so even hand creams feel like nothing to me. I have to go straight to oils, and so far Arbonne's Skin Conditioning Oil is working pretty well for me.

I embrace my middle-age-itude. I'm happy to wear neck scarves and comfortable shoes and to apply four creams and lotions before bedtime. Ah, getting old!

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