Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Leather weather

Today Chicago is finally having the weather I've been waiting for: cold, gray and rainy. I bought a leather jacket in August and have been waiting impatiently for temperatures to drop into the 40s and 50s F. They finally have!

I love October, but only when it's gray. I could have been a member of the Addams Family.


Mick said...

"GRAY" That must be a different spelling Americans use, we would spell it "GREY".
The only time I'm aware of using a "A" and not "E" is when its a persons name.

Will we be seeing the Leather coat.

Regina said...

Mick, good idea. I have now posted a photo of the jacket. Yes, Americans spell the color "gray" and we spell colour "color." We only spell it with an "e" when it's a person's name.

Mick said...

Jacket looks nice, must admit think leather coats are a good buy last for years.
Found one in cupboard a few weeks ago that I forgot I had its 35 years old (got it bought for 18th birthday), was more than pleased it still fits (a bit tighter than I remember, lol).