Thursday, December 01, 2011

Target Clinic misdiagnosed me

I started feeling achy on the day before Thanksgiving. I felt so crappy (achiness, fever, headache, chest congestion, horrible cough, alternate chills and sweats), that I went to a Target store health clinic on Sunday where a nurse practitioner told me it was the flu so I should stay in bed and drink fluids. When I felt equally crappy on Tuesday, I called my real doctor. On Wednesday night she identified it as bronchitis, with a touch of pneumonia and prescribed me antibiotics and an inhaler because my lungs were working at about half capacity. I was not breathing well and can't move very fast or I can't get enough oxygen. She tested me for flu, but I never had it at all.

I wish I could have started these antibiotics on Sunday. I'd probably be at work right now. I've been keeping my boss updated, although I don't feel proud to say that I accepted a bad diagnosis that prolonged my illness. The inhaler is helping a little and I'm waiting for the antibiotics to take effect. I'm still feverish and sweaty.

Can I sue Target?


Mick said...

What is Target health store is at a official sort of place ?, if we are ill we just go to the Docs or really ill get a home vsit.

Regina Rodríguez-Martin said...

Mick, I apologize for my American-audience post. Target is a chain of stores that sell things at discounted prices: food, clothes, electronics, household items, etc.

They recently began providing health services in a clinic inside the store. My husband has had success visiting the clinic inside of a Walgreen Drug Store, but either Target can't afford decent nurse practitioners or I just got a dud.

I've added a link to my post so this is a little clearer. Thanks for the feedback