Saturday, January 07, 2012

Free time with my husband

One of the odd things about my marriage is how little our work schedules sync up. We don't even have the same days off. I work a regular paper-pushing job with business hours. Bob works in a restaurant that's open 365 days a year (no holidays off) and his days off are Tuesday and Wednesday.

This works out well for our dog, Ozzie, who's rarely alone compared to most dogs owned by fully employed people. Four days a week he has a whole human to himself, and Bob and I tend to spend lots of time in the apartment. Two days a week Bob often works the second shift, so Bob might leave Ozzie around 10a or 11a and then I'm home by 6:00p. Only on Mondays do Bob and I both leave early. Mondays are long for Ozzie, but we have a dog walker who he likes.

This scheduling problem doesn't work out so well for our marriage. The last time Bob and I had the same day off was in November, and that was our first day off together since August. We only have days off together if I use my vacation days, which I'm planning to do again soon. That one Friday we both had off in November was a total miraculous fluke and we were going to take full advantage of it only I came down with bronchitis (that was my first full day of crappiness).


So watch this space for the exciting announcement of when Bob and I are going to spend a Tuesday and Wednesday together, every second, for 48 hours! I can't wait.

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