Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Today I am exactly 45 and a half years old. In this photo I am three years old and my sister, Judy, is two (I have just one sibling). At this time, we lived in Los Angeles, California USA, but we were visiting a snow-covered Mt. Wilson, which is in Los Angeles County, but (clearly) at a much higher elevation. It was March 21, 1970 (impressively, my parents put dates on the backs of all photos. Now I do, too).

We're sitting on a picnic table piled with snow. The ground is also covered and Judy is holding a fledgling snowball. I wonder what she did with it. Another reason you can tell we're not in L.A. is that we never wore boots and mittens like that in Los Angeles (ha!). That was our serious snow attire.

Yes, Judy was the cute one. In my face you can see the beginnings of worry and overfunctioning and in my hair you can see an early stage of the mane. I had great hair for the 1980s, but then the '80s ended...


Mick said...

You've not changed a bit, lol

Regina Rodríguez-Martin said...

Thanks, Mick. My hair is just as lively as ever, but I've finally reduced my amount of worrying.