Saturday, January 07, 2012

If the world were ending...

But if the world really were going to be destroyed in December 2012, what would you spend the next year doing? I like this question because it precludes all that "leaving your mark" crap or preparing others for when you're gone. In this scenario, we'll all be gone.

So let's say you, and only you, know that the world is guaranteed to end on, say, 31 December 2012. What would you spend the time doing, knowing that there's no question of leaving anything or anyone behind?

I'd spend the time focusing on my friends, family and dog. I'd probably also eat everything in sight. At the end of the year, Bob and I would blow our savings and 401k's on some incredible four-week vacation. Then we'd all die. (Bob says we should do this anyway.) My aunt pointed out that if the world doesn't end after all, this would leave me broke and fat. True, and sadly I think that's what happened to some people who fully believed they were going to heaven last May 21st.

But let's say it's guaranteed to end. Most of my friends who I've asked have said they'd spend the year traveling. Maybe that's a typical answer. What would you do?

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