Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What's Wrong with Separate Bedrooms?

I will not comment on this topic here, but encourage you to read about it on The Spinsterlicious Life blog. The Spinsterlicious Life discusses topics that don't get a lot of airplay at social gatherings and happy hours, such as why a woman might not want children or why a woman might not want to get married. She also talks about dating and relationships in general.

Even though I've been legally married for four whole years now, I still feel like a single person. I guess that's because I was really single through my 20s and 30s, which means that I strongly identified as single, relished being single, wrote about being single, examined the experience of being single and then desperately fought to stop being single. All my friends were single and I didn't receive a wedding invitation for about 12 years during that time. I got married at age 41, so singledom was a big part of my adult life and I don't count out the possibility of being single again one day.

I like The Spinsterlicious Life because I appreciated a lot of things about being on my own and this blogger completely affirms those things. Having your own space, your own time and your own everything is wonderful. I love my husband, but even he knows there are things I miss about being single.

I like reading The Spinsterlicious Life because many of the topics feel like they still apply to me. Separate bedrooms? No desire for children? Advantages of being never-married? NOT being afraid of ending up alone and childless? Yes, I definitely fit in the Spinsterlicious demographic and I'll keep coming back because, after all, the blog should probably have some token married readers.

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Mick said...

To answer your question, nothing wrong at all, for one i sleep better on my own, although it is nice to share with someone close.

On another similar note what about a relationship with someone and living in different homes.
Early days so maybe tempting fate but i may be moving into a relationship but we both have our own homes. Like yourself i've been single a long time, like and need my own space so it will suit me perfect, sure we'll stay over at each others place, possibly often but it nice to be alone sometimes.

From a economical point of view people could argue living together and sharing bills makes sense.
To counter that we've both had our own lives and worked to have our own homes and belongings which if we lived together would entitle each to half if we ever split (very possible in this day and age). Its different if you've built a home together and I for one would not want to start again. x