Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I don't want to wear a bra anymore

I've just about had it with wearing a bra. Years ago I posted that I was going to stop wearing them, but that only lasted a few months (back then my restaurant uniform included a full apron that allowed me to go bra-less without anyone noticing at all). In the past few months, I've started reaching my limit again. Wearing this tight, binding thing that I tug at all day really doesn't feel worth it anymore. I'm a pudgy, middle-aged, married woman; who cares if my chest is conventionally contained or if I've got some nippleage going on?

What would happen if American women stopped wearing bras? Would productivity plummet? Would people be fired? Would airplanes fall out of the sky? Would relationships end? Think about it: if we all stopped with the #$%damn bras, we'd eventually become habituated to it and it would be no big deal. Women have freed ourselves of corsets, hoop skirts, petticoats, pantyhose and girdles. Why not abandon the bra? Seriously, what's taking us so long?

But I admit I'm still working on my own attitude and am not quite ready to go without (American squeamishness about breasts is powerful). To prepare myself for the freeing move, I've been spending time on But until I've absorbed this website's philosophy and become liberated, I am taking the step of getting rid of my conventional, underwire, hook-closure bras. Out of here!

Oh, yeah, I'm switching to these. They feel so much better than those masochistic binding devices. No wires, no hooks, no pain and no nippleage. Right now the  Genie Bra is part of my professional attire, but any time I'm not at work, it's comfy loose sports bras or nothing at all. So there.



Sunshine1601 said...

I believe that how much you're working with determines your relationship with the over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder. I have a love/hate relationship with my bra. After a 12 hr day, I can't wait to peel off my constricting work wear and release my chest from its 4-hook underwire bondage. No more digging under my armpits and into my back fat, no more constantly pulling up slipping bra straps. I'm totally comfortable being free like this loafing around my own home. But if you're like me and cursed with heavy, excessively large natural boobage, the bra is your best frenemy.

Gravity is a bitch and she brings everything down where it needn't be casusing major strain and pain in my back, neck and shoulders. The lifting of the underwire helps that a bit and offers me some more mobility. It improves my appearance so it doesn't look like 2 sandbangs are hanging off my chest: lift, divide, and separate.

There's a woman who works at my organization, who's probably in her 50s and she does not wear a bra. It's not that the size of her breats are on either extreme, but time and child-baring wreak havoc on the female and undergarmets help offer a temporary solution. Perhaps she lovews her body as is and more power to her. but whenever I'm on an elevator with her I find myself distracted and staring in a mixture of disbelief and disgust...

If you can pull off going bra-less, go for it. but not everyone can pull that off without looking like someone from a National Geographic spread.

Regina Rodríguez-Martin said...

Yes, unfortunately, that is a good point about the Natl Geo spread. Bodies are distracting (good or bad) and in our culture, no body part is more distracting than breasts. Why can't we just accept our bodies as they are? Why can't we stop evaluating? Oh, well. I can't stop either.

Steve Meier said...

In my advanced massage studies I have read that many postural defects are caused by tight, ill fitting bra straps. So by all means make comfort a priority and if you feel something binding or pulling do something about it pronto. If you are comfortable and confident in your body then you will look good.

Rayfield A. Waller said...

I read this post back when you first posted it, and it made me feel glad that I had just decided a month before to stop wearing shorts that are too damned tight because the other men in the locker room do. I can't quite bring myself yet to switch from briefs to boxer shorts (boxers make me realize utterly and finally that I have become my grandfather with no fire escape to get out of that), but at least, I'd decided, I won't have to keep going to the men's room all day to untwist my gonads from the seams of those cursed "Fruit of the Looms" style briefs ("Hanes" briefs offer a slightly less Marquis DeSade experience for middle aged gonads, and make for fewer bathroom breaks). When I read this post about bras I actually felt relieved. This is not the kind of subject men want to admit they feel the same way about--WHEN YOUR UNDERWEAR ATTACKS YOU!--so we don't discuss it even with our wives and girlfriends. Too bad, because talking about it to a woman who has finally decided to stop putting her breasts into bondage could probably help us feel beter about finally freeing our gonads. At the clothing stores all the young men gather at the red, blue, and black sexy-boy men's bikini briefs table, and the middle aged men skulk around the Hanes, while the old men with big relaxed smiles on their faces swoop by the boxer shorts table, never seeming to be in any pain at all. Oh, the humanity.

Regina Rodriguez-Martin said...

Ray baby, thank you for your comment! I had no idea men go through the same thing with underpants. So I guess we're all going through discomfort under our clothes, while our body parts patiently wait for us to mature enough to stop tormenting ourselves. Is that why men go to the bathroom: to fix their underwear?

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