Sunday, June 03, 2012

Maine Vacation USA (my photos)

This is why I haven't posted in a week and a half. For the first time, I visited Maine. Bob vacationed in Maine years ago and has been wanting to take me. It was a beautiful trip. I took most of these photos, but I'm no photographer.

Monhegan Island, Maine USA at sunset

View from our room in the Island Inn. Incredible

Monhegan Harbor

Hiking on Monhegan Island was dangerous, but worth it.

Bob is the real photographer

Ah, the scent of lilacs, ocean spray and Bob's Marlboro.

Standing on lawn of The Island Inn. I loved the Island Inn. Photo by Bob Martin

Monhegan Harbor

I was sad to leave Monhegan Island! The ferry took us back to the mainland.

Hannaford Supermarket, Boothbay Harbor, Maine USA. I was amused by the names of the sodas (Dr. Perky, Mountain Lion)

Bob and I did not have a single bad meal. From fine dining to little shacks and diners, Maine serves up some of the best seafood, coleslaw and sandwiches I've had.

Portland, Maine was nice, but we made the mistake of staying at the Eastland Park Hotel, one of Portland's oldest hotels. We arrived on an 80 degree F day, but they did not tell us their air conditioning wasn't working. They should have told us when we checked in, but failed to. By the time we figured it out, it was too late to switch hotels, so we spent two uncomfortable nights there. They took $50 off our final bill and bought us breakfast, but I'd have preferred to have been told ahead of time about the air conditioning. I hate being hot, but at least it was the only bad thing about our mostly wonderful vacation.

On Monhegan Island, Bob enjoyed hiking the island while I curled up with some great books in The Island Inn's reading rooms. I loved the gray rainy weather we caught there. It's a truly beautiful place. In Boothbay Harbor, we mostly just relaxed. Many boat tours and fishing trips weren't operating yet, so there wasn't as much to do as we had anticipated, but that was fine because we were ready to just take it easy. We took lots of naps, did more careful budgeted eating and, of course, I read. Throughout the trip, while I went through novels, Bob went on his own photography excursions and uploaded photos to his Facebook page.

If we were to do it again (and I hope to), we'd go between mid-June and the end of August. On Monhegan, the lighthouse museum and several places to eat were closed because we were there before the real season had started. In the future, we wouldn't spend any time in Portland, Maine, but get straight to Monhegan Island and spend at least three days there. Then I think we'd spend about three days in Boothbay Harbor, ME.

We loved this time together. I can't believe it's all over now (sadness).


Mick said...

you are full of surprises, hope you had a great time

Regina Rodríguez-Martin said...

I'm willing to travel WITHIN the U.S, Mick. I had an amazing time, partly because of the gorgeous settings and partly because of all the time Bob and I spent together. The only time we have two meals together in a row is when we're on vacation and this was a whole WEEK! But now it's over and I miss him already. Yes, I have one of those marriages in which the two of us never get enough time together and we permanently miss each other.