Monday, August 13, 2012

Pit bulls don't have great digestion

For those who have been following the story of our new dog, here’s an update (for those who haven’t been following the story: we purchased Ozzie from a shelter in Sept. 2011. He’s a 49-pound, black, pit bull mix who’s four years old, but acts like a puppy).

Hey everybody, Ozzie is still healthy! We’ve reached a full month of this dog having NO digestive problems! I’m so relieved. But I have my fingers crossed because on Friday night he got into my lunch bag that I carelessly left where he could reach it and then I left the apartment for a few hours. Mistake!

Ozzie ate my cashews, almonds and raisins, plus a small container of natural peanut butter. He’s good at opening hard plastic sealware, so the peanut butter container is re-useable, but he chewed open the baggies the other food was in (fortunately, he’s too well-mannered to eat the plastic baggies themselves). He showed the most restraint with the bag of raw carrots, which he dragged uneaten into his den (crate) probably in the hope that it would ferment into a more appealing food.

Yes, I said he ate raisins which I know are toxic for dogs, so I’ll be watching him carefully for signs of renal failure. Anyone know what the symptoms are for dog renal failure?

But so far so good: Ozzie’s had no ill effects. He seems to be recovering well from his weekend-dog-binge-party. I’m grateful that my bag lunches are pretty healthy. It would be awful if our weak-stomached pit bull got into Flamin' Hot Crunchy Cheetos and Milk Duds.

(FYI: Wellness Dry Dog Food - Ocean Formula finally fixed Ozzie's stomach problems. He now eats nothing but that, boiled sweet potatoes and boiled fish. And whatever junk he gets into when we're not home. So far it's working.)

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David Parker said...

Good to hear that Ozzie has stabilized, Regina. You might look to this website for additional measures, if necessary: