Friday, October 26, 2012

Lady Gaga's weight gain

This is what I'm talking about! Lady Gaga, after years of carefully maintaining the typical pop star's physique, has decided to be who she really is and fill the size her body naturally wants to be. She recently gained 25 pounds eating the foods she wants and not worrying about what people think. We are doing the same thing: releasing our need to fit into our skinny clothes and not apologizing for it.

Please read all about her refusal to give in to pressure to get small again. She talks about her problems with food and admits to some very unhealthy behaviors that she is working hard to overcome. Lady Gaga now proudly wears costumes that are a couple of sizes bigger and she looks great. As a middle-aged woman, I hadn't paid much attention to her before now, but I'll now count myself as a fan. I, too, have begun wearing clothes a couple of sizes bigger and I feel fine.

I also like Cynthia Nellis' post that makes the point that Gaga's move makes her much more human and lovable than Madonna. Madonna is my contemporary and while I used to admire her guts and her body, every time I see her I feel increasingly disappointed with her lack of authenticity. Maybe she's naturally thin, smooth, blonde and buffed, but I just don't believe it. I've started counting her as another celebrity with whom I have less and less in common, mainly because she seems to be working so hard to not look middle aged. Then again, Madonna lost me as someone who thought they could relate to her, when she settled on the color yellow for her hair. Gaga's hair isn't naturally blonde either, but she's becoming more honest with herself and us, one step at a time.

Many celebrities endorse political awareness and movements of various kinds, but Gaga's actions impress me as uniquely vital. There are external fights for things like economic improvement and human rights, but I know that everything starts with how you feel about yourself. That's a battle that can take your whole life and I believe it deserves priority. It's RARE that a female celebrity takes on one of the most taboo subjects in our culture -- eating disorders -- and even RARER that she's brave enough to let her body express her allegiance to herself over commercial culture. Lady Gaga now has my deep respect and gratitude.

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Phoenix said...

She said she was on a diet to lose the weight. How is that embracing her higher weight?