Thursday, October 18, 2012

Not dieting

Right at this moment, a container of homemade brownies sits behind me as I work in my cubicle. In the past I would have actively resisted them while knowing I would love to pop one in my mouth. Today I tell myself I can have as many as I want at any time. In the morning I'm not hungry for them, so I don't have any. Later, I eat four as an afternoon snack. They're very good and I can easily keep eating them, but I’m not hungry any more. In the past, I might have forced them down knowing that tomorrow they'd be gone. But today I don't force the brownies into my stomach. Instead, I give myself permission to make myself a fresh batch whenever I want. Maybe tonight. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe tonight and tomorrow. Knowing I can have fresh brownies any time, cools the temptation. I don’t want the brownies now. I’d rather have them some other time when I actually have room for them and they're still warm from the oven.

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