Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thriller Flash Mob in Rogers Park

I DID IT! I was in my first flash mob ever! On Sunday morning I did the Thriller dance sequence at the Glenwood Farmer's Market (in Chicago, IL USA) with about 25 other people who did this for the sheer hell of it. If you watch this, you won't see much of me and my friend Ceece, who was also there. We were on the far end that didn't get videoed much at all. But you see me for a moment: in a gray hat, sunglasses and a bright orange scarf. I LOVE HALLOWEEN!

Me at work today, wearing my glowing pumpkin earrings.
Happy Halloween to everyone who celebrates it!


Mick said...

Crazy people, lol

Regina Rodriguez-Martin said...

Mick, what does England celebrate at this time of year? And how do they celebrate it?

Mick said...

Dress up in witches outfits although its growing halloween isn't that big over here.

Of course we have a big event on November 5th which is Bonfire night.
People build large fires at which they burn a Guy (dummy), have fireworks, eat parkin, cinder toffee, jacket potato's (done in fire, etc.
Its to celebrate the gunpowder plot in which a bloke called Guy Fawlkes and his followers tried but failed to blow up the houses of parliament in 1605.
For the record Guy was from York (near where i live) and it seemed a good idea to me.

Regina Rodriguez-Martin said...

Thanks for the cultural description, Mick. What the heck is parkin? And cinder toffee?

Mick said...

Parkin is a type of Ginger cake -

Cinder Toffee is a honeycomb toffee -

Give it a go and let me know how you get on.