Tuesday, November 06, 2012


President Obama is re-elected! If I believed in a god, I'd thank it.


Mick said...

Sorry but Obama is a mirror image of Tony Blair and his policy's of that period in our history.

In his 2nd 4 year term of office his borrowing put the country in a mess and we are all suffering with massive taxes on everything.
Buisnesses struggled (although signs of improvement now) and unemployment figures rocketed despite all the promises of new jobs.

example - we are now paying around £7 per gallon when we fill up the car (thats over $10 per gallon), most of this cost is tax.

Blair seemed great at the time but many supporters have a different view of him now.

Tell me in 4 years if I'm right about taxes and unemployment.

Regina Rodriguez-Martin said...

Dearest Mick, I'm too happy to compare Barack Obama to Tony Blair. Call me an idiot, but after a lifetime of panicking and fuming, I'm learning to look on the bright side. For once, I'm not thinking too hard, I'm just celebrating!

Rayfield A. Waller said...

A freakin' women-- a-women.

Rayfield A. Waller said...

A freakin' women-- awomen!