Saturday, November 17, 2012

How long would your dog let you do this?

I understand that all dogs have different levels of tolerance for close human contact. Ozzie seems to have no limit. He lets me lie on top of him like this for quite a while. He lets me use him as a leg rest (when we lie on the futon sofa) for hours. I also understand larger dogs are more likely to allow this, since little dogs would just be crushed. Ozzie weighs 50 pounds and I weigh 145, so it works out for us.

How long does your dog let you lie on top of him/her? Seriously, would someone please comment? I'm curious.


Dave Hildebrandt said...

My cat lets me use him as a headrest for about 20 mins, then he squirms out and escapes. He'll be on the sofa where I want to put my head, so I'll just put it on him and he tolerates it. My head probably weighs about what he weights. Heads weigh about 18 lb, yes?

Anonymous said...

We have 2 Great Danes and they both love for us to lounge on them~ I know this b/c if we are in the bed & I have my legs resting on them & try to move they groan & "growl" until I put them back or they move closer to me~ I think the pressure & weight must feel good on their muscles :)