Thursday, November 29, 2012

I'm still writing an ebook

I'm proud of myself for finishing the first (very) rough draft of my book about what it's been like to own my first dog. I have no delusions about finding an agent, but will publish it myself as an ebook that the whole world can read. If it wants to.

I pledge here on my blog that no matter how ridiculous it is (a dog book?) or how little attention it gets from the ereader world. I'm doing this. First, I take a break from it, for at least December. At some point during the cold, quiet part of winter I'll start the process of (heavy) revision. After I produce a second draft and get some feedback on it, I'll create the third draft.

I've never written a book and certainly haven't self-published. I'm not sure what happens at that point, but I think that will be the final draft and then I'll work with an online publishing site to turn it into an ebook. Then I tell the world about it!

The one-liner on it might go like this:
A personal memoir in which a spinster bride discovers that letting her husband get a dog brings change to her personal relationships, self-image and diet.

Just kidding. That sounds terrible!

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