Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Glenwood Bar in Rogers Park and dogs

Last Saturday at The Glenwood Bar, Santa took photos with dogs to benefit the local Paw-tawattomie Dog Park. I paid $10 for Ozzie’s picture and discovered that The Glenwood Bar allows dogs during the day, off leash and everything. After 8 p.m. it gets too crowded (“crazy” was the word used), but between 3:00 and 8:00 p.m. on any Saturday or Sunday, Ozzie and I can go drinking! 

I don't drink (not with conviction), but it makes the perfect turnaround point for a dog walk. It takes me and Ozzie about 15 minutes to get there, then I can have my usual (orange juice mixed with club soda), let Ozzie run around in there and then head back.

Before we left, I put Ozzie on his leash and headed toward one of the single-room bathrooms. I love those because I can bring Ozzie with me and just lock the door. But he knows there's nothing fun for him in there, so as soon as he saw the toilet he balked.

"Come on, Oz!" I said. "I let you go to the bathroom, so now you can let me go to the bathroom. It's only fair. Come on. Ozzie, yes!"

He acquiesed as grudgingly as I sometimes haul him out for a walk.

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