Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Blasting through zombie-like depression

A one-on-one session with Lili Betancourt has melted the frozen suppressed anger that’s had me down (see yesterday's blog photo). Locked into emotions I couldn’t release on my own, unable to focus or function, I made an emergency appointment for her powerful blend of Emotional Freedom Technique and hypnotherapy. Yesterday Lili spent over an hour with me, tapping, talking and clearing out gucked up feelings. Then she led me through a relaxation technique that renewed my energy after what had been a draining experience. I left feeling calm and alert. With tentative optimism, I noted that my depressed daze had lifted.

Today to my great relief, I’m able to concentrate, get work done and engage with others. I’m back in the world! I can’t recommend Lili Betancourt highly enough for help with emotional problems, addictions, physical symptoms or feelings of just not being yourself. Her website is here.

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