Saturday, January 12, 2013

Gaining 25 pounds in three months

When one suddenly becomes chubby after being not-chubby all one's life, one might do the following:

1. One might hate how tight everything fits.
2. One might hate buying new clothes, which is not fun if the reason is that one keeps gaining weight, steadily and efficiently.
3. One might wear her husband's shirts on her days off.
4. One might look longingly at photos of herself from 25 pounds ago when she also believed she needed to lose weight.
5. One might adjust one's definition of overweight.
6. One might give up on certain yoga poses that used to be so easy and satisfying.
7. One might read websites such as Health At Every Size and Shapely Prose and consider that being fat is perfectly okay.
8. One might develop a new appreciation of her body.
9. One might allow herself to enjoy food because being this size isn't so bad.
10. One might change her exercise to movement she truly enjoys, ignoring how many calories it burns.
11. One might stop paying any attention to calories at all.
12. It might finally sink in that the growth of women's rights has directly coincided with the pressure on women to have thin, pleasing-to-men bodies. And that might really start to piss one off.
13. One might decide that fixating on clothing sizes and calorie counts is such a huge waste of energy it's an offense to her intellect.
14. One might give herself permission to be any size that works for her, regardless of what everyone else thinks.
15. One might realize that she's spent all her life as a thin person who had a fat person waiting to get out (see Fantasy of Being Thin by Kate Harding).


Anonymous said...

Where does health fall into all this? Such as risk of diabetes, heart disease, etc?

Regina Rodriguez-Martin said...

Check out the links in number 7 of my list here.

Cat said...

Sing it!

... Also, way to go on getting an anonymous concern troll to show up the minute you post something fat positive. Nicely done!