Saturday, February 16, 2013


Cliteracy: 100 Natural Laws by Sophia Wallace states plainly a lot of things that women, especially straight women, think, but don't say. Her art installation doesn't so much celebrate the clitoris as much as it demands equal attention for it. In this video she says she decided not to use any photos because when it comes to the clitoris, images become distracting. Instead powerful statements fill the panels of her installation.

I'd love to see the installation and carefully read everything, but from what I can see in this video, these are the statements that stand out for me:

Democracy without Cliteracy: Phallusy

Ribbed condoms for her pleasure - up there with subprime mortgages and hair in a can: worst inventions of all time.

Touching a clit is like scratching a record.

In stark contrast to prostate and penile surgeons, gynecological surgeons are NOT trained to avoid cutting.

OH, yeah...CLITERACY. If you'll be in New York, New York USA between 6 and 10 March 2013, you can see this installation live. I wish it would come to Chicago!

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