Thursday, March 07, 2013

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin USA, Winter 2013

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin USA. Photo by Bob Martin

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin USA. Photo by Bob Martin. Okay, it's bad enough to drive your car onto a frozen lake, but to then build a FIRE?
Ozzie loves snow.

Taking pictures with an iPad looks dumb, but the photo quality is excellent.

At the end of our tromp along the lakefront, I noticed this sign. Oops.


Ted Exley said...

Lake Geneva is absolutely beautiful in the winter. Thank you for sharing these photos! I've heard it's a wonderful place to visit in the summer, but had no idea it could be so great in the winter as well!

Regina Rodriguez-Martin said...

Thanks. I prefer Lake Geneva, WI in winter. All of the gorgeousness, none of the crowds.

salman yousaf said...
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