Sunday, April 21, 2013

Depression lifted! (and I'm so damn relieved)

Thank you so much to those of you who contacted me individually after seeing my post yesterday (I also posted on Facebook and Twitter). It really means a LOT to me when someone tells me that they're sorry I'm going through a depression. It makes me feel like someone's listening, like someone cares. I feel a lot less alone just getting a brief comment of support. Please keep those messages coming, especially on my blue days. Thank you.

The good news is that my frozen anger/clot of depression finally broke! You know what it took? It took my tapping circle, which was the only reason I left home yesterday. Emotional Freedom Technique tapping is a powerful way to release stuck emotions (and food cravings and other physical/emotional pain), but doing it alone hadn't helped this past week. Or maybe it had, but not enough to break my bleak mood. I had tapped for days and felt extremely frustrated.

But my EFT Tapping Circle Meetup was yesterday and five of us tapped on my problem and we finally shifted it! Our weekly meetings last 90 minutes and in that time we go around the circle, share our problems and tap on whatever challenges we're facing that week. By the end I felt 100% better and didn't want to leave. I felt afraid my gloom would descend once I was alone again, but it didn't! I still feel fine and it's amazing. It's like having a rock lifted from my chest and being able to suddenly breathe again. It feels so good it's almost miraculous.

It is SUCH a relief. I was feeling desperate and was beginning to wonder if I'd have to drop a wad of money on some individual therapy with a professional. I began the Chicago EFT Tapping Circle Meetup last summer. I'd been using EFT on my own and with a practitioner for two years and had gotten excellent results, but I read an article that said the power of a tapping circle was greater than doing it alone, and I figured it would be cheaper than one-on-one time with professionals (definitely true).

I threw together a website on last July and waited to see if anyone would respond. They did. At our first meeting on August 11, 2012 ten people showed up! I was surprised and encouraged. Since then our weekly tapping circle has stabilized at a core membership of about eight people who show up regularly. It's like a high powered support group because we check in, share our problems/fears, tap them out and always feel better afterwards, sometimes stunningly so.

For the first couple of months, after each tapping circle someone would turn to me and thank me for starting the group. I would always feel a little surprised because all I did was pay the 45 bucks to the Meetup website to start the webpage. The people who showed up actually made the group happen. But I never felt so grateful to myself for paying that initial $45 as I am right now. This was my crisis week and the hole I was in felt deep and inexplicable, but the tapping circle pulled me out. I owe a deep thanks to yesterday's fellow tappers and to MYSELF for setting up this incredible support system that caught me, held me and set me gently back on my feet, the gloom wiped away. I still don't know exactly how the hell EFT can do that, but I'm so glad it can!


Anonymous said...

Yes - HOWEVER EFT Tapping works, it's GREAT.

I'm so glad it broke the heavy rock of depression you had to carry last week.
- Andria

Anonymous said...

You had the balls to actually dont it and you deserve all of the accolades! You are dynamic, fun, authentic and you do what you say you will do. Who could ask for more?