Sunday, April 28, 2013

Some thrive on the unknown

 The dirty stove (her job) competes with the uncleaned floors (his job)
for most neglected surface,
but the winner is her skin.
Emotions balance and unbalance, shifting positions and changing sides
Who's heavier?
It turns out the buoyant boy can sink,
while the puffer fish moves towards the surface.
Not too close because pressure is dangerous,
but so is lack of pressure.

She has spent her life in pitched and rolling seas
unable to see through the shadows ahead.
Uncertainty is her anchor.
In a life with nothing approaching stability,
new things are not only good, but preferred.
Against a dark now-ness
an unknown future always looks brighter.


David A. Parker said...

Very Nice, Thanks for postinG

Andria Anderson said...

Effective expression of how the emotions contrast between "unknown" from a place of turmoil and "unknown" from a place of stability.

Mick said...

Well done Reg, you've done a good job, using words is definately a talent you have.