Sunday, May 26, 2013

Holding secrets

Blogging is hard when there are things you don't want certain people in your life to know. I hate secrets. I grew up with secrets. My mother does secrets all too well. I don't tend to keep personal secrets about myself (as my blog readers have probably figured out) and really only find myself holding one when someone else wants me to keep her secret. I dislike when that happens.

I must sit on my current secret a while longer. How long? That's as hard to predict as it is to predict when a life will run out, when the last breath will be taken, when it'll be too late to tell that person anything else. As my dad has told me in the past, I'll explain it all eventually.


Sally said...

I think that an agent is shopping around your Dog Book. I was going to write that I think you're pregnant, but I wasn't sure you'd think that was funny.

Whatever it is, I hope it's a happy secret and that you tell us soon.

Regina Rodriguez-Martin said...

Sally - I like your guesses. The pregnancy one is very f%^&-ing funny. No, it's not about the dog ebook.

Regina Rodriguez-Martin said...

It's not a secret about ME.