Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Back to the dog ebook

Last spring I created a first draft of my memoir with the working title "I Never Wanted a Dog." I found some readers to give me feedback on it, thinking I'd start revising at the end of June. Then I found myself facing divorce, my mother reached the final weeks of her life and I realized I needed to find a new place to live.


Now that I'm past the emotions of late spring and am almost settled into my new apartment, I'm turning my attention back to my manuscript. Yes, the story is going to have a different ending now that Bob and I are splitsville, but I think that gives it a more interesting arc. I didn't like ending the book with now I like the dog and we're all happy. Divorce is drag, but I think it'll be good for my ebook (ha!). Divorce is a more interesting subject than another tepid marriage in which the wife hasn't lost hope and it'll certainly be more original than another animal book with a heartwarming ending. Funny how that all works out. Well, actually I guess we'll SEE how it all works out.

Even though my life went crazy for a while there, it's time to get back to this goal.

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