Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Taking risks

In the fall of 2007 I decided I'd had it with my job. I didn't feel like waiting tables anymore and wanted to return to sitting at a desk all day. People (including my husband) tried to dissuade me from trying to make a change just then. They said, "The job market's not good right now. I think you should wait until the economy improves."

As usual I prioritized what I needed over what the rest of the world looked like. I've rarely taken my cues from outside conditions, especially when it comes to employment. I left that job in January 2008 and got extremely lucky to land another job in June 2008. I loved my new job. I still do.

Many times I've reflected on how much worse a position I would have been in if, in 2007, I'd decided to wait for the economy to improve. When others tell you to wait before taking a risk, don't always listen to them.

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