Wednesday, July 03, 2013

This feminist is keeping her married name

Back when Bob and I were first married, I told him (and he remembers this), "No matter what happens -- if we end up divorced or you die -- I'm keeping the Martin. Okay? Just so you know. I'm not going back to Regina Rodríguez." He said that was fine.

Reason: the name "Regina Rodríguez" is quite common, but the name "Regina Rodríguez-Martin" is so unique that I might be the only one in the USA. Being unique is unreasonably important to me. And the way things are going, some "Regina Rodríguez" will soon become a famous pop star or national politician or other household name. When I become a published author, I don't want to be confused with her.

Sure, I might change my mind as we go through the legal process of no longer being married, but that's how I feel today.


Mick said...

Why not, seems sensible to keep your married name.

Regina Rodriguez-Martin said...

Yes and he says he's okay with it.