Sunday, August 04, 2013

Only 143 days til Christmas!

I ordered this 5 foot tree that even I can reach the top of.

I just moved into a new apartment and am starting a new life on my own,
I love Christmas,
I believe it's never too early to get ready for the holidays,

This weekend I:
Ordered my new Christmas tree,
Ordered some vintage tree ornaments from Etsy and Ebay in the color scheme I've chosen.

It should all be here later this week and by early August I'll have the basics of what I'll need come November. Yes, I decorate for Christmas in November.

While many grown ups see Christmas as a commercial ploy to get us to spend more money and exhaust ourselves, I -- even at the age of 47 and childless -- see Christmas as:


Yeah, I really do. In fact, maybe NOT having kids makes Christmas easier to enjoy for some of us because we don't have to deal with the expense and expectations of giving our kids "the perfect Christmas." I get to make Christmas whatever I want and I love it.

It comes down to this: Christmas makes me irrationally happy. The end.

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