Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Horror and dreams

If you don't like being genuinely frightened, don’t watch Grave Encounters (2009) or The Bay (2010). I had a private horror film festival over the weekend and those two movies actually made me jump and shriek and cover my eyes. Of course, I watched them alone in the dark because that’s the way to do it. I also saw Theater Bizarre (2011), but it isn’t frightening as much as it is completely freakish and gory. I can imagine most people hating it, except for those few of us who really love complete weirdness. It was very weird.

And yet, even though I watched these movies last thing before going to sleep, my dreams were unaffected. I'm one of those people who remembers her dreams. Every day I remember my dreams. I can describe for you dreams I had months ago. For some annoying reason my brain really grabs a hold of memories made while I was dreaming and it doesn't let them go.

I'm surprised that my subconscious seems unaffected by images of people being eaten and demons whose faces contort before they chase people down a dark hallway. And the screaming, oh the screaming. You'd think that would seep into my dreams. Nope, I have the same kinds of dreams over and over no matter what.

My dreams: I'm either traveling or I've just arrived in a new place and am settling in. Often I'm going through my belongings, either to pack them or just to clear stuff out. These dreams are hugely about home and family and friends. I often dream a hell of a lot about my husband's dog. Ozzie is a 50-pound black pit bull mix who's the mildest, most affectionate pet I can imagine, but in my dreams he's often being mischievous and I'm trying to get him under control.

I'm really tired of dreaming about that dog. We don't even live in the same place anymore. Does anyone else remember their dreams a lot? Or for a long time?

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red rabbit said...

I have vivid memorable, dreams too. Most recently i dreamt I'd lost a bet and as a result i had to eat a bowl of shit. And I know exactly what it meant, too. Long story.

I love horror stories, both written and filmed. The truer, the better. Scare me to death.
Have you seen The Conjuring? }:-)