Sunday, October 27, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I love black frosting.
I haven't posted a cake in a while. This cake is from my favorite bakery Central Continental Bakery in Mt. Prospect, Illinois, USA. They don't have the most sophisticated website, but they have the best buttercream frosting (vanilla and chocolate) in my connisseur opinion, plus excellent cookies, pies, etc. I served this Halloween cake last night when I had some friends over. The bloody hand reaching out of the cake did not come from the bakery. I ordered it separately from Jenny Densing who has some excellent cupcake toppers for Halloween (and lots of other cool stuff on her Etsy site).

At one point I held up my pack of Marlboro Reds and announced, "Would anyone like a cigarette? Wanna step onto the back porch with me and have a cigarette? Anyone?" I had kept them in my freezer for freshness. I got two takers and very much enjoyed the quiet break from an overheated apartment that you get when you're a smoker. Okay, I was just a second-hand smoker, but still it was nice.

Maybe I'll get one of those old-fashioned cigarette cases so I can be a full hostess to all my guests, smoking and non-smoking. Yes, I'm moving backwards against the American trend away from grown up smoking (it's all teenage smokers now, right?), but call me countercultural. I encourage lighting up in my home because I just like the smell of a burning cigarette. Once I have that case, when you come to my place, it'll be like entering the Twilight Zone where it's always 1959-1963.

P. S. My songs are uploaded to CD and once they approve the files my digital album will be online and for sale. So it could still be a couple of days, but my blog will be the first to know!

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