Tuesday, October 29, 2013


This is my CD cover (the photo was taken in 2005 at age 39. I'm 47 now).

My first and final album is up on iTunes right now! I can't tell you how excited I am. You can buy the whole thing or individual songs, but I encourage you to go to CD Baby.com to actually purchase it because CD Baby.com pays better than Apple. This is the direct link to my album: http://cdbaby.com/cd/reginarodriguezmartin.

Let me be clear: these recordings were made between 2001 and 2007. I no longer sing or play electric bass, and can't hit many of the notes in these songs now. There will be no performances. This CD is a fundraiser for my new life as a writer of memoir and fiction. I will self-publish my first ebook in 2014 and am raising cash to do that. That said, if possible please support my book writing by buying my music. I wrote all the lyrics and melodies to these songs, arranged and charted them. It's my creative writing in hummable form.

From my CD Baby description: folk-pop-jazz influenced songs written by a woman who meant every word. International jazz guitarist Neal Alger accompanies Regina, deepening harmonies and lightening accents. Electric bass and acoustic percussion fill out many of the songs. This is the perfect music to relax with when you want some positive words or are in a more reflective mood.

Neal Alger is a wonderful guitarist who has worked internationally with some excellent jazz singers. He focused for years on jazz, but now has a group that branches out into other flavors. It's called Needles in the Red (is that a great name?). I love him. Neal is a dream to work with and is amazing with that guitar.

World, I give you This Is My Going of Age which presents the songs of a middle-aged woman struggling with spirituality, self-image, relationships and the decision to live single. Actually, go to iTunes for really long clips of my songs so you can really hear them, but please try to buy them on CD Baby.com if you can.

Thank you!

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