Friday, December 13, 2013

Thanks for not having kids!

This is an amazing piece of writing: To the Women Who Choose Not to Have Kids by Abby Rosmarin was published on Thought Catalog on Tuesday and I'm very grateful to my post-husband for pointing it out to me. This is my favorite part:

Thank you for not succumbing to the societal pressures. I’ve known far too many parents who had kids because that’s what was expected of them. Working in childcare, you see more of this type than you wish to see. The resentment is almost palpable. They love their children — at least, they have no choice but to love their children — but every single movement seems to scream, “I wasn’t meant for this.” I’ve known too many people who grew up with at least one parent who harbored that resentment, who let that resentment dictate how they parented. I’ve seen how that influenced the way these former children are now as adults, or even as parents themselves.
I can't believe someone actually wrote this publicly. The idea that people might resent having children is so taboo, I never expected anyone to thank me for not doing it. Rosmarin articulates many excellent reasons to be grateful to those of us who chose not to have kids. You're welcome, Abby and thank YOU!

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