Sunday, January 26, 2014

I'm less sweaty!

I often keep my apartment windows open all day, even in 10 degrees, just to stay comfortable. Since 2011, no matter how chilly others were in a meeting room, I was always fine. For years now, when  I come inside from even the most freezing Chicago weather, I immediately strip off my coat, scarves and gloves and try to stop perspiring (walking works up a sweat, but I keep bundled to avoid wind chill danger). I wear sleeveless summer tops under my winter coat. I carry a fan in my purse (especially in summer) Through three winters, the desk fan I have at work runs every day as I try to cool off. When I asked family members about this, they told me this is just how our family is, especially upon getting close to menopause, so I'd better get used to it. 

But now the sweatiness has decreased! I'm SO relieved. Yesterday, I sat in my EFT tapping circle and I actually felt chilled! When I first walked in, I left my coat on for several minutes because I needed to warm up. It's been years since I reacted to cold weather in this kind of typical way, as most people do. I would swear my apartment has gotten colder in the past week, but it's not the apartment that's changed, it's me. I have a thermometer in my living room, so I know the room temp is the same, yet I'm keeping windows closed more the of the time and last night I even put on a sweater.

What could have caused this? I think it's this: I've changed what I'm eating. Just since January 18th, I weeded out (most) vegetable oils and sugar and switched to full fat dairy products. When it comes to meat, I've been eating the fat, skin and cartilage (as well as the protein) from organic chicken. I've had beef liver twice in the past 10 days. (I'm following Dr. Cate Shanahan's advice and you can find more info here.) 

I suspect it's the decreased sugars and starches that have made the difference in my sweatiness, because sugar and starch are very inflammatory and heating. But who can tell for sure? I just know that after six days of increasing animal fat and decreasing carbs, my body feels different. 

Maybe I don't have to sweat so much! Maybe summer won't be months of agony! I'm excited about this.
Me being excited.

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