Thursday, February 13, 2014

Don't be afraid of oral surgery

My gum graft surgery went well yesterday. A gum graft takes flesh from the roof of the mouth and grafts it into the gumline where it’s needed (I’ve scrubbed away part of my gums by brushing my teeth too hard). 

The only pain was when the periodontist injected me with the anesthetic. After that I felt nothing! The doctor told me that for the rest of the day I could only eat liquid-y cold things like ice cream and smoothies. They also recommended not doing anything for the rest of the day. So I took a sick day, had a long nap, then sat down to a big bowl of ice cream as a meal completely guilt-free because the doctor said so. It was great. 

Now I’m on a soft diet for two weeks (eggs, soup, hummus, cake frosting, etc) and then the doctor removes the stitches.

Let me recap: I got a day off work, a three-hour nap, doctor-prescribed ice cream for dinner and almost no pain. And here's the best part: I get to do it all again two more times! I have three places that need grafting, but he only did one yesterday. Since several weeks have to go by in between surgeries, it’ll probably be some time in April and in June that I get to do it again: sick day, ice cream galore, long nap, etc. Pretty good deal, eh?

Don’t let anyone tell you a gum graft is a bad experience. It’s really not bad at all!

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