Monday, February 10, 2014

I go up and down. Here's up.

Being divorced as of last Friday kind of feels like a dream come true right now. When I was married there were many things I missed about being single and now I get them all back: spending my money however I want; being in complete control of my sleep schedule and grocery list; walking around naked in my home; being able to cry or sing or scream or dance and there being no one to disturb or upset. I can vacation exactly where I want to go, decorate in my favorite colors and not take care of any pets at all. There is no one on the planet who can track how much I'm eating or sleeping or how often I'm washing my hair or how many empty boxes of Ho-Ho's there are in my garbage. I can go swinging down the street completely unattached, a free electron, an uncontained force, an unmanifested wish. I am me for me.


This isn't "looking on the bright side." These are things I missed and longed for while I was married (for five years), but I didn't know when I'd get them back. I'm so glad to get them back now!

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