Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself update

Joe Dispenza's book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One has been instrumental to me. I've been using his accompanying recorded guided meditation to clear decades-long self-hatred, old resentment and anger towards my mother and my self-defeating pattern of depression. Now I'm using the meditation to work on my money situation. Using Dispenza's technique led me to becoming an Arbonne consultant (ID: 19557175), a part-time job that allows me to stay at my regular job while earning enough to live on (which my regular job doesn't allow). 

Now I collect two paychecks! I received my first Arbonne check last week and although $290 isn't a lot, it's just the beginning. In addition to working my new home business vigorously, I visualize myself holding paychecks and seeing bank balances of certain amounts. As I do this I feel gratitude and joy over having reached my goals. I'll double my sales soon. Using Dispenza's technique, I'll be financially solvent again by the end of spring and earning enough for savings and vacations again by the end of summer!

I'm also visualizing myself fitting into clothes that I outgrew last year and feeling grateful to have my old body back. With no emphasis on changing my eating or exercise habits, I've started to lose weight over the past three months. It's very gradual, but it's happening. My favorite sentences in Dispenza's recorded meditation are "It's not your job to try to create it. It's your job to design it." Over the weekend I managed to zip up a jacket that I hadn't been able to fit into for over a year. Few 47-year-old women reverse a sudden 40-pound weight gain. I'm doing it.

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