Friday, April 18, 2014

Long weekend

My employer just announced that we're getting July 3rd and 4th off this year. I felt excited about this four-day weekend at first. But now it sinks in: what will I do with four days off? There was a time when I'd spend such a weekend with my husband, getting away from Chicago to a place where we could explore kitschy little shops, take walks along a lakeshore and spend a couple of nights in a nice hotel. We'd enjoy hearty breakfasts and long naps. I'd get a lot of novel reading done.

It makes me sad that such a lovely weekend won't happen this time, but I'll have other activities to fill the time. I'll schedule a couple of Arbonne parties and get together with friends. I can still spend long hours with good books and -- hey -- one of them can be mine. Well, my memoir manuscript anyway. My life keeps getting in the way of that dream: to publish my dog memoir book (self-publishing it as an e-book) in 2014. Maybe I'll plan this for my Fourth of July four-day weekend: take myself to a library or café for long hours of focusing on my manuscript. The next step after that will be to run it by a few agents, just in case someone actually wants to publish it, but if not, it's on to self-publishing!

In fact, what's to keep me from doing the cafe-manuscript activity this weekend? Nothing! Okay, here I, I feel so much better just from blogging this short post...


Monica W. said...

Yes, work on the manuscript! And finding agents:)

Regina Rodríguez-Martin said...

Thanks, Monica W! That's the kind of support I need.