Wednesday, April 30, 2014


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These days I consider my manuscript finished, so I'm excited to be working on my first query letter. That's the letter you send an agent to get them interested in your book. A friend of mine with a lot of publishing knowledge listened to my plan to publish my own ebook and suggested that before I do that, I send out a few query letters just to see if anyone might be interested in it. So why the hell not?

Last night I began looking at websites like QueryShark, Writer's Digest and GalleyCat. I read some letters from 23 Literary Agent Query Letters That Worked and took a stab at drafting one. Now I just have to find an agent who's interested in memoir, pop culture, marriage, depression, Mexican Americans, family issues, dogs and/or women's humor. (There is such a thing as "women's humor," isn't there?) Writers can receive dozens, if not hundreds, of rejections before finding an agent who'll commit to their book, and I'm already 47 years old so I'd better get started!


Andria Anderson said...

However, those hundreds of rejections did not have Tapping going before them to smooth the way to exactly the interested agent. Yours is likely to be found much more easily.

Regina Rodríguez-Martin said...

Thank you, Andria! I like encouragement.