Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself update

Today I fit into my size 14 blouse again, with no dieting! Using Dr. Joe Dispenza's meditation technique, I'm just not as hungry. Being able to do a full yoga plow pose is now closer. It's stunning to me that I haven't restricted food or increased exercise, but I've gone down two sizes in the past six months. The mind really does have control over the body. I've been eating my usual desserts, potato chips and full fat meats along with my fresh vegetables and water -- and I haven't given up any food categories -- yet my body has still released some of the middle-gut pudge that keeps me from my favorite yoga poses.

And "all" I have to do is devote 30-60 minutes every day (from now until forever) to immersing myself in meditation and visualizing the life/body I want (a process described in Dispenza's book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself). Yeah, that's a huge commitment, but I'll take it because I feel good!

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