Sunday, May 04, 2014

Sometimes art makes money

Seven years ago I recorded a bunch of original songs from when I was a singer/songwriter. In 2013 I finally had them mastered, copyrighted them as an album and started selling them digitally on CD Baby (my album is called Going of Age and is only available as a download). Not being a musician anymore, I did zero promotion for it, besides emailing friends and family and linking the album on my blog (see the bottom of this page if you're using the desktop version of your browser). I actually put it on CD Baby to raise some money for my book publishing project. I called it using the corpse of one dream to fuel another.

And, hey -- it's bringing in some money! It's just few-and-far-between amounts of $50, but I get an email telling me when CD Baby is sending me money. It's an excellent way to start the day. Even more exciting, according to the email I most recently received, I'm on Spotify! And whatever "Muve" is. If only I were still as cool as I used to be...

So there: sometimes churning out emotional songs in your lonely one-bedroom apartment so you can manage your depression DOES end up making you some money. Huh!

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