Wednesday, June 04, 2014


For a blogger who likes stories and films that scare the crap out of her, it's shameful that I just discovered the following website: It's a strange name, but here's the explanation from their latest post:

Creepypasta comes from the word copypasta, which itself is a play on the “copy and paste” function. They were short, creepy stories that people spread around the internet for fun. This website is one of the many Creepypasta communities that accept submissions; people write their paranormal stories, I read them and decide which ones I personally like enough to post, and visitors read them and post comments – usually from the perspective of how the author can improve as a writer.

It's worth reading the entire post because the website is currently the focus of people who have heard about the two Wisconsin girls who planned and attempted the murder of another girl. The girls in custody gave the explanation that they did it for "The Slenderman," which is a fictional character in some of the stories posted on (Slenderman is a character in many stories on many websites and has been around for several years.) Reading about the incident led me to this website.

Over the past ten years, I've looked for websites of scary stories, but have always been disappointed by the quality. The stories didn't scare me, and I don't think I'm that tough an audience. I want to be frightened, so frighten me.

Do you like haunted house stories?
I've only read one story so far on, but this is clearly the place I've been looking for. Do you like scary stories? Are you willing to take the ride? Maybe I was particularly vulnerable to the spookiness of this tale because I read it with the lights out, just before closing my eyes to go to sleep, but I think even in broad daylight this story is good. Are you ready? Click here and enjoy "The NoEnd House." In the meantime, I'm going back in to read another one.

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