Friday, July 25, 2014

Birthday evening

I'm getting together with friends this weekend to celebrate my 48th birthday, but I told myself that last night I'd go home and do whatever I wanted on the evening of my actual birthday. What did I end up doing? Opening gifts my sister sent*, reading a book and watching product demonstration videos on They're mesmerizing. Not only can you see photos of an item and read a description, many Zappo items also have a less-than-a-minute video that shows someone wearing it and moving in ways that show how the item will look as people admire you from afar. I love those videos, especially the shoes. I can watch a lot of them with absolutely no intention of buying anything. (No, I didn't buy anything.)

And that was my birthday evening. Yup.

*Ayurveda cookbook, Ayurveda home remedy book and an Urban Shelf. Perfect. Thanks, Judy!

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