Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Blogging, not perfection

I went through the titles of all my blog posts (yes, every one) to tag the ones that are about my music, and realized that I've been taking my blog way too seriously. I used to post a few times a day, not a few times a month. And lately I've been posting mostly when I have some big opinion about a national issue. So my Jewish New Year's resolution is to post more often about whatever is in my head, whether it feels important or not. Here I go.

I never heard from the literary agent about my book manuscript, which I take as a good sign. It means that I'm doing this, plus even the best authors started out getting rejected a lot. It also gives me another chance to make it better. From talking to a friend in the publishing world, I've realized that a manuscript of 49,000 words is short for a real book, so I'm going to put some more work into it before I submit it again. But how do I add another 10 or 20 thousand words to a manuscript that feels complete to me?

This is probably a good time to get a professional writing coach/editor's help, so that's my next step. A fresh set of eyes with years of experience helping people polish book manuscripts should get me where I want to go. Where to I want to go? I've decided to really try to get this thing published by an actual publisher. If I do that instead of self-publish, they'll do the work of cover graphics and marketing, etc. I'll see if I can get there. If not, then self-publishing is still an option.

And that's where I am on the dog ebook, for anyone who was wondering.

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