Monday, September 29, 2014


Two weeks into drastically reducing the sugary and starchy foods I eat, my pants fit better and my energy is good, but this past weekend my resolve took a dip and a big one. I have face blindness and no head at all for visuals, but my memory for dates is way too good. All last week I couldn't get it out of my head that the last time September 27th fell on a Saturday was in 2008, the day Bob and I celebrated our wedding.

On Friday night I had pound cake and cookies for dinner. On Saturday I indulged in potatoes, breaded chicken and more cookies. On Sunday I ate frosted layer cake and potato chips with the last of a tub of onion dip left over from a get together I'd had the night before. The dip wasn't even very good, but I polished it off anyway.*

After some solid support from my friends and a lot of tapping and crying, I'm feeling much better today and I'm back on the wagon. Today is Bob's birthday and exactly six years ago, this was the day we left for a week-long honeymoon (which was great. I love Oregon), but today I'm remembering those things without as much grief and sadness. We had a marriage; it was good for a while, then it wasn't so good, and then Bob ended it. And that's okay.

*This is how someone who doesn't drink alcohol goes on a bender.

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