Sunday, September 21, 2014

Gina Rodriguez

Gina Rodriguez

This is what I've been waiting and planning for. A woman named Gina Rodriguez is poised to become a household name. She's an actress from Chicago, born to Puerto Rican parents, who plays the character Jane Villanueva in the new series Jane the Virgin. I don't know how likely success is for a series in which a young Miami Latina becomes accidentally artificially inseminated during a pelvic exam (plus this series will air on the CW network), but I have faith that even if Jane the Virgin isn't a hit, this Gina Rodriguez will make her way into the mainstream.

"Gina Rodriguez" actually used to be my name when I was little. After I started blogging in the aughts, I realized "Regina Rodriguez' is a very common name, so when I married a Martin, I eagerly hyphenated. I've been waiting for a famous Regina Rodriguez to emerge (actor, politician, sportswoman, she could be anything). When she did, my hyphenated name would keep me from being confused with her when I became a published author (any year now).

"Gina Rodriguez" and "Regina Rodriguez" are very popular names in the U.S, so it's about time one of us finally emerged into the national spotlight. Go, Gina! Maybe I'll even watch your show.

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