Friday, January 30, 2015

Why not blog?

Dec. 26, 2014
Fortunately, I don't let not having a blogging topic stop me from posting. This makes hitting my ten-posts-a-month goal easier. Maybe one day I'll raise the bar to ten interesting posts a month. But probably not.

This is a photo from about a month ago, of me holding a gingerbread man I had just decorated. My aunt had brought one of those kits to a party and I decided to crack it open. The cookie was already baked and ready to go. All you had to do was massage the plastic envelope of icing, cut a small hole in one corner and get going. The M&M-type candies were included.

I was going for some kind of gingerbread corpse, but my aunt saw a referee shirt, so maybe it's a dead referee. It didn't taste good, so I abandoned it on the table after the party, with one "hand" missing. To all you bloggers out there (are there any bloggers left in 2015?), yes, this counts as a post. By my definition, a post is organized, well-punctuated and spelled correctly. Ideally it has paragraphs. But it doesn't have to be interesting.

I recently visited the archived blog (that means the person stopped posting) of someone who blogged about a particular three-year experience. Once the experience ended, she figured she no longer had a blog topic, so she stopped blogging. This seems completely unreasonable to me. Why would the end of a particular part of your life mean you no longer have anything to blog about? If the writing is interesting enough to keep an audience, it doesn't matter what you're going through.

At least that's been my operating belief with my blog. I'm convinced that I'm interesting even when I write about nothing interesting at all, like right now. This entire blog, started in 2004, has been nothing but a catalog of my responses to my life, and that's a life that's been empty of international travel, child-bearing or expertise in an obscure yet impressive area. And yet I keep going, so thank you very much for reading.

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