Monday, March 09, 2015

Help End Daylight Saving Time

There have been many articles recently about how it's time for the United States to stop the Daylight Saving Time (DST) practice:

The Atlantic gives some history.
The Chicago Tribune reports that Alaska, Idaho and New Mexico are trying to repeal it.
International Business Times explains that DST is downright deadly.

And Last Week Tonight with John Oliver makes a strong case against DST in this three-minute video:

But here's how you (Americans) can actually take action about it: the campaign to End Daylight Savings Time. Click here to send letters to President Obama and your representatives that say that you've had enough of this moving clocks backwards and forwards. I just sent my letters. I had no problem getting my full night's sleep on Sunday, but all the arguments make sense: it's time for this time-jumping to stop, especially since it's actually detrimental.

P.S. I think it's funny that the current focus on ending DST is happening right after the weekend when we lost an hour rather than last November when we gained one.

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