Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Enjoying a book about The Twilight Zone

I think I've watched all five seasons of the original Twilight Zone series enough times to be able to read this book. It's Stewart Stanyard's Dimensions Behind The Twilight Zone with a foreward by Neil Gaiman. It was a gift from my sister and it's not only a good coffee table book, it's great to actually read.


Rudy Giuliani said...

I've never watched any of the shows or read the book. Is there a TV channel or other place for me to watch the shows? I need some guidance on this one.

Regina Rodríguez-Martin said...

You can find all the episodes on Hulu.com and Netflix. I don't have a tv, so I don't know where to find The Twilight Zone there, but the Sci-Fi channel used to show it and probably still does.